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Shelbie Rijos


With an upbringing in a diverse glazing family, it was only natural to continue family tradition of tackling new construction with loyal and prospecting clients for Chino Glass.


Andrew Laine

After growing up learning about the family business. Andrew decided he wanted to lace up his work boots and join Chino Glass. 4 years of schooling has led this journeyman to working for the family ran company for over 6 years!


Phil Schuebel

After 30 years Phil, has remained involved and hands on Operator with Chino Glass. Now ushering thru the next generation  to continue his reliable family business. 


Joey Dorado

8 years ago, Joey came into this trade straight out of high school. This foreman has had the opportunity to work on the well known So-Fi Stadium, home of the Rams/ Chargers along with building Loma Linda Hospital.


Ryan Blackard

Ryan grew up in a family full of glaziers and eventually had his time in the field. For the past 5 years, Ryan has been the Lead Project Manager & Estimator.


Austin Laine

After college, Austin came into this trade and has been working at Chino Glass for the past 5 years. He enjoys building the majority of IN-N-OUTs in Southern California as that was his favorite spot to eat as a kid.


Avery Laine

While attending college for marketing, Avery joined the family business to work with sales and is also one of the Estimators at Chino Glass. 

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